May 16, 2013

Beirutreporter is back online after our server host did pull the plug on all its hosting services without prior notice some months ago. Though we could not recover all content, we dug and found some, and it is going to get more by the time.

Currently, most content is written in German language, it is a part of our archives. We will fill the site with English content soon – so don´t run away!

We did change the concept of the site a bit: A constant stream of news can now be found on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/beirutreporter and Twitter at www.twitter.com/beirutreporter.

We will be posting here analysis, comments and other journalistic pieces, foremost about Lebanon and Syria.

Each new title is going to be announced on Facebook and Twitter, so you won´t miss any in the language of your choice.

You may encounter the tag DISQUS comment/DISQUS Kommentar/Kommentar Spiegel-Forum.

Those are indicators for texts, which have been hacked quickly into the keyboard and lack proper editing and style. We apologize for that, it is a matter of time constraints.

Nonetheless, such texts contain arguments and information which – as we think – may be valuable for some readers. That is why we present them here as well. Some are slightly edited for clarification or explanatory reasons which is necessary from time to time when a text is singled out from a string of discussion posts.

We have added DISQUS as a more convenient way of exchange. Please stick to reasonable language when posting arguments, opinions and your points of view.

Any kind of indecent talk, hate language, threats and so on will be deleted without prior warning. We would like to keep this page clean of any kind of aggression or online skirmish.

The discussion section should be a place for intellectual exchange to which everybody is invited. Please respect other people´s opinion as strange as it might appear to you. We don´t want a war here in the virtual room.

Some readers may remember the Turkish bath “Hammam al-Nuzhain” in downtown Beirut during the Civil War 1975-90: Fighters of feuding fractions left their weapons outside, took a bath, talked, picked up gear again and left to continue battle.

That´s the idea we are looking for: If you want to fight do it outside please.

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