Russia says Assad’s prospects fading

Comment on: “Russia says Assad’s prospects fading” (Daily Star/Reuters)

It is worth noting that PM Medvedev mentions Assad but not the government as a whole or state institutions.

Medvedev’s comments go in line with Russia’s policy on Syria: Strengthen the army, try to facilitate a deal between the Non-Islamist opposition and the government, put down the uprising by force, preserve the country as en entity and convince Assad to step down, once calm has settled.

The majority of former opposition supporters let Assad handle the uprising, especially the Islamists, fearing another Iraq or more of a Mali. Thereafter, Assad has to go. Gulf states and investors are waiting to build up what has been destroyed.

A classical and more or less less tacit deal between big powers, which will play out in the months to come, before the Islamists grow too strong and Syria drifts into total mayhem.